John J. Francis - Absolutely Imperfect

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John J. Francis - Absolutely Imperfect

"Absolutely Imperfect is an album of driving rock ringing with searing guitars and some serious freak outs…
but there is more than enough variety to retain your interest…"

Rhythms Magazine

"Anyone expecting a repeat of 'Simple Ben' will be in for a shock. 'Electric Train' is a thunderous rocker.
'Slum Delights' nods to this change of tune. Francis electric guitar in hand leads a cranked up band. Francis has moved on."

The Courier-Mail

"Francis elevates the sensibility of many of the songs on 'Absolutely Imperfect' to the core of their content; the
guitar-nashing, feedback-splattered 'Electric Train' and the whispering menace of 'The Bogeyman is Coming'."

The Weekend Australian

"It's a great sounding album. Ten great tracks. I didn't expect it to be as electric and rocking as it is."
Neil Rogers 3RRR-FM Melbourne

>To say that the new John J. Francis album 'Absolutely Imperfect' is one of the most unexpected and remarkable releases of 2013 is an understatement. Two years after the release of his critically acclaimed compilation album 'Legacy' the award-winning singer/songwriter, who penned the classic Oz hits 'Play Mumma, Sing Me a Song' and 'Simple Ben' (from Morning of the Earth), delivers an album unlike anything he has previously released. 

'Absolutely Imperfect' is available on CD from all good music retailers and online from Two Faced Records.

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